BMW will invest one billion euros in a new factory in Hungary
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Triple German premium producers will soon be in full formula in Hungary. After Audi and Mercedes, who have already built a factory here, it is time for BMW to announce the construction of a new production capacity in the neighboring country, near Debrecen. The construction will begin in 2019, and the annual production volume will be 150,000 cars.

The investment of about one billion euros will be located near the border with Romania, just 75 km from Oradea, and will create over 1,000 jobs. It was rumored that Romania would have been on the „shortlist” to host this investment, alongside Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

The press release issued by the BMW Group talks about Debrecen as the ideal place for this investment, being chosen first and foremost for the very good infrastructure and the appropriate logistic links. Here is the answer to the question why Hungary was chosen over Romania.

In addition to the factory team, many jobs will be created at parts and service providers, both within the new production facility and in the region.

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