SAB - a quarter of a century
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25 years have passed since the Bucharest Auto Show started and is the pride for the organizers, at the official opening of the 16th edition. Possibly only the logo reminds us of those beginnings! Because SAB 2018 looks very different from SAB 1993. And the changes are, obviously, many and positive!

The automobile world has evolved spectacularly all these years, and SAB’s organizers have managed to keep up with professionalism and consistency. The show has evolved in tune with the market and has grown beautifully, especially in the last years.

SAB 2018 opened its gates in a modern location, just as it suits a show that respects itself. With dozens of major industry news and national awards, spread over an area of over 25,000 square meters, it continues to be the most significant automobile show in Romania.

With all the names and news brought together under a generic tradition, SAB is at the same time a spirit, an emblem for the „automotive” world, in Romania. Together with importers and distributors of cars and accessories, there is a good framework for exposure and expression, as well as professional organizations such as the Romanian Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACAROM) or automobile lovers’ clubs such as Retromobil Romania, the Vintage Vehicles’ Club or the ARO10 Club. Because at SAB both auto industry and automobile culture speak the same language!

As far as we are concerned, we are delighted to have been media partners of the event for years. Moreover, this year’s edition meant for us the extension of the collaboration also on the realm of electromobility. At the request of the organizers, the team delivered a visionary initiative and is present in the stand dedicated to electromobility within SAB 2018, ready to educate and offer advice to those interested in the electrical future of this industry.

So, it is worth planning the time needed to discover cars from yesterday, today and tomorrow, in all splendor, exhibited in dozens of variants and aspects, at SAB & Accessories 2018!

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