Tesla Service Center in Munich, Germany, visit
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Travelling with a US spec Tesla Model 3 in Europe is recommended only for people with lots of time and patience. Not being able to charge at Tesla Super Chargers is painful enough for a long trip, but with some help from the Tesla community one will find the right cables and adapters, to be able to charge at AC stations with type 2 connectors.

As a retired couple with plenty of time on our hands, during our trip from Drammen, Norway, to Sibiu, Romania, we stopped so far at the Tesla Service Centers in Malmo, Hamburg and Munich. Everybody was very friendly and helped with good advice or some encouragement.

Today, in Munich the team went the extra mile to help us out, trying different solutions to charge with the car’s EMU and EU adapters.

My unannounced visit came at the wrong time, as the team started delivering the Model 3 last week and the parking lot was packed with new cars.

Trailers were unloading cars on a nearby street and many customers were in line waiting for their new Model 3.

Having our car to get so much attention was a huge surprise and we really appreciate the kindness of the team and people taking care of us. With a better understanding of what is doable and how to activate the car’s GPS, using the phone’s Internet as a hot spot, we continued our beautiful European trip remembering the kind people who took time to talk and help us, even if the „house was on fire” with the super hot deliveries of Model 3s.

Thank you all, THANK YOU MUNICH TEAM !

Dan and Monica

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