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In a press release which analyses the evolution of the car market on a national level in July 2020, The Association of Romanian Automobiles Producers and Importers (APIA) says that the market seems to be going in the right direction again (+22.9% compared to June’s registered volume, after a +38.9% increase in June compared to May 2020).

Although the market has significantly decreased after 7 months (-34.2%), electric cars (BEV) and hybrid cars (PHEV) continue to increase with a spectacular +53.6% compared to the same date of 2019.

Overall, after 7 months in 2020, it is registered a negative progress (-34.2% compared to the same date of 2019).

The ranking by brand, at the end of the first 7 months of 2020, is lead by Daica, with 18.950 units (-33.8% compared to 2019, market share 30.7%), followed by Skoda, with 5.000 units (-34.6%, market share 8.1%) and Volkswagen, with 4.88 units (-24.5%, market share 7.9%).

The ranking regarding classes, after the first 7 months of 2020, shows that all segments have a negative progress. The SUV segment continues to be on the first place, with a 38.7% percentage in total market. The segment has also registered a decrease below the market average (-25.4% compared to -34.0%).

After the first 7 months of 2020, the “green” automobiles (100% electric cars and hybrid plug-in cars) have registered an increase (+3.6%) compared to the same date of the previous year. Regarding subcategories, there is a solid increase of 38.6% for the 100% electric cars and of 115.1% for the hybrid plug-in cars. On the other hand, hybrid cars that own an electric propulsion system (mild hybrid vehicles are not included) register a negative evolution (-11.5%).

Regarding the ranking by brand after these 7 months of the 100% electric automobiles and hybrid plug-in cars stimulated by the Rabla Plus Program, the largest volumes are registered by Renault (285 units), Skoda (213 units) and BMW (132 units). In this context, APIA says that it is to be expected that the “green” automobiles will register significantly larger volumes in 2020 than in the previous year. Most of these cars are stimulated by the Rabla Plus Program (there are over 1.400 electric automobiles and hybrid plug-in cars reservations at this time compared to 800, in the previous year, which means a 75% increase regarding the purchase intention).

Source: APIA press release

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