Premiere on the European market: sales of electric cars exceed diesel sales!
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Taking into consideration the steady decline in diesel car sales, in contrast to the accelerating rise in sales of electric models, the „inevitable” happened at the end of last year: for the first time, more electric than diesel vehicles were sold in Europe.

In September 2021, diesel cars were overtaken in sales by electrified cars – plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and electric cars (BEV). Three months later, in December, 100% electric cars (BEVs) outsold diesels!

According to data published by the Financial Times, 176.000 electric cars were sold in Europe last December, compared to 160.000 diesel units.

However, it should be noted that the figures were produced in a very different context, mainly due to the shortage of semiconductors. Faced with the prospect of seeing their production affected by this crisis, the best manufacturers can do is to encourage the assembly of electrified models at the expense of diesel models.

Why are they doing it? Because electric models, being more expensive, also have higher margins. In addition, models with this type of propulsion make a decisive contribution to lowering the carmakers’ CO2 balance.

Another important detail of the car market in December was the forced registrations of electric models. To avoid the fines laid down in European regulations, under which a penalty must be paid if a certain CO2 quota is exceeded, the groups tried to force registrations of electric vehicles at the end of the year. The effects of regulations and purchase incentives in different countries have also been felt, especially generous bonuses in countries like France and Germany. As a result, many customers took advantage of these benefits at the last minute, before it was too late.

Although the end of the year has been particularly challenging, the trend of accelerating sales of electric models is clear. At the same time, the decline of diesel engines, which began a few years ago, continues.

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