Just a matter of time
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Time passes by! It’s been more than two years since the founding of the electromobility section on 24auto.ro, just it time with Electromobility project. To celebrate this moment, a few days ago I had the opportunity, once again, of an “electric experience”: a reunion with Hyundai Ioniq.

A year ago, Ioniq was the first vehicle used for electric test driving by Electromobility project and I had the opportunity to drive the 100% electric model for a longer time. The experience feels different from the one we have driving a classic car. I rediscovered it now – the linear acceleration and the regenerative braking, the almost complete lack of sound and charging at home were the most pleasant parts of the routine.

With more than 30.000 vehicle kilometers travelled, Ioniq is the same as in the first day regarding the dynamic performance and autonomy. What was different now? … less attention given to saving as much energy as I could.

So, I “chased” the Ioniq through the city for several days, having that everyday routine we all have. I didn’t spare the car, but I didn’t exaggerate either. A casual use, in a crowded city like Timisoara, even though the post-quarantine traffic doesn’t record too many cars on the street.

Ioniq convinces you quickly that the urban traffic is the native environment for an electric automobile. Plus, the energy cost is another major advantage – an hour charge at the classic 220V outlet is enough for 3-4 days.

To the ones who continue to doubt the future of electric automobiles, I would answer like this: it is not an “if”, only a “when” and how fast they will replace the classic ones. If we take a closer look at what is happening in the industry, all the arguments are in their favour: the rapid technology evolution, the batteries that become better and cheaper, the encouragement of electric transport and, not least, the decision of many constructors to massively invest in turning their offer into an electric range. Thus, it’s just a matter of time!

Stay in contact with the Electromobility project by accessing the blog dedicated to electric mobility: www.electromobilitate.com!

Photo credit: Mircea ADAM

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