The European car market decreased with 23.7% in 2020. The Volkswagen Group still remains a leader
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The year of 2020 goes down in history as one of the most disastrous years for the European car market. Vehicle registrations have not set down so few volumes in the last three decades!

According to the numbers given by the Association of Automotive Manufactures of Europe (ACEA), retrieved by the Association of Automotive Manufactures of Romania (ACAROM), last year was registered a decrease of car registrations in all of the European Union countries. Not even the most powerful automobile markets could avoid a decrease: -19.1% in Germany, -25.6% in France, -27.9% in Italy, -29.4% in Great Britain and -32.3% in Spain.

The total volume of registered cars in EU did not pass 10 million units in 2020. More precisely, last year there were 9.942.509 units (-23.7% compared to 2019).

Regarding the ranking by countries, Romania is on the 15th place in UE, with 126.351 registered new cars in 2020, having a -21.8% decrease compared to 2019.

In the manufactures hierarchy, the Volkswagen Group maintains its position as a leader, with 3.040.030 registered units (-21.7% compared to 2019). The podium is completed by the PSA Group, with 1.718.656 units (-30.3%) and by the Renault Group, with 1.227.884 units (-25.7%). Dacia registered 405.472 units in UE last year, a 30.2% decrease compared to 2019.


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